Possibly the fastest way to discover how a given thing is done is to watch a video clip where some other person discloses the very actions you need to accomplish. Specifically if you sign up for a new web hosting account without having used such a service up to now, or if you’ve worked with a web hosting platform with a different user interface and are unfamiliar with the way in which things are administerd on the new one. A video tutorial can teach you the easiest and speediest way to execute a specific task in your web hosting account, saving you the trouble of going through various options until you find the one that you need, or of reading lengthy knowledge base articles, which can sometimes be unclear as to where you should go and what you should click.

Video Tutorials in Shared Website Hosting

All our shared website hosting services feature an in-house created hosting Control Panel, which is a rather easy and intuitive to use, which suggests that you will not have any difficulties doing anything you like. Nonetheless, we have a comprehensive video library where you can find many tutorial movies devoted to every Control Panel section and the features that can be accessed through it. In case you’d like to discover how to set up a brand-new database or to select another PHP version for the account, for example, you can check the exact steps you have to undertake. We have gone even further – we have prepared a number of tutorial video clips as well in order to offer you a tip as to what error and access logs are, or what CPU load is, for instance. You can browse all the available videos whenever you prefer, or you can see only the ones that are related to a specific Control Panel section.

Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with our semi-dedicated servers services is incredibly user-friendly, but to make it even more easier to use, we have made 10’s of video lessons, which will let you know how you can do more or less everything. Creating a new e-mail account, modifying your web hosting account’s PHP version, forwarding a site by means of an .htaccess configuration file or exporting a database are just several instances of the tasks that the tutorials embrace. Every time you go to a particular Control Panel section, you’ll see all related video lessons for it. In case you wish to browse through all the videos, you can access them through the shortcut at the bottom of Hepsia’s homepage and once you’re there, you’ll be able to view not only demos of various functions and features, but also educative videos that will acquaint you with topics such as “What are error and access logs?” or “What is system load?”.