SPF, which is an acronym for Sender Policy Framework, is an email security system, that is employed to validate whether an e-mail message is sent by a licensed server. Using SPF protection for a particular domain will prevent the forging of emails made with the domain. In simple words: enabling this feature for a domain makes a specific record in the Domain Name System (DNS) which contains the IP addresses of the servers that are allowed to send emails from mailboxes using the domain. When this record propagates globally, it exists on all DNS servers that route the Internet traffic. Whenever some e-mail message is sent, the initial DNS server it goes through tests if it comes from an approved server. When it does, it's sent to the destination address, but if it does not originate from a server part of the SPF record for the domain, it's rejected. In this way nobody will be able to mask an e-mail address and make it look as if you are distributing spam. This method is also referred to as email spoofing.

SPF Protection in Shared Website Hosting

The SPF protection option is available as standard with every single shared website hosting package that we offer and you'll be able to use it with ease so as to protect the e-mail addresses for any domain name hosted in your account. The service is operated through the Emails section of the revolutionary, yet easy-to-use Hepsia Control Panel. All it takes to enable the protection is to type in the IP of the mail server in addition to its hostname - mail.server.com, for example. Once the protection is activated, only this server will be able to send e-mail messages from emails made under the domain name that you have selected. Your e-mail addresses may be taken care of by a different supplier, but if we handle them in addition to your website, you may also enable an option for your e-mail messages to be sent only if the domain has our MX records. This solution gives you improved security as just our server will be certified to send out messages from your mailboxes and you'll have better control. If you have any questions or in case you experience any sort of difficulties with this particular service, you'll be able to contact our tech support crew anytime and they will help you immediately.

SPF Protection in Semi-dedicated Servers

The SPF protection function is featured with all semi-dedicated servers, so when you host your domain names in an account on our cloud website hosting platform, you'll be able to activate this service with ease for all your domain names. The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes as standard with the semi-dedicated accounts, has a rather intuitive interface, therefore you won't have to be tech-savvy in order to secure your emails. You'll simply need to type the hostname and the IP address of each mail server that you would like to be certified to send e-mails from your addresses and immediately after that the new record will be active for the domain that you have selected. As an extra option, we will also give you the ability to limit the outgoing e-mail messages and protect your mailboxes even better by allowing e-mail messages to be sent only if the domain name involved contains our MX records i.e. the e-mail messages for the domain name should be taken care of by us and not by a different supplier. Doing so you will enjoy even better control and there won't be any chances for anybody to counterfeit your e-mails for malicious activities.