The Website Installer inside our TrafficHostCity Control Panel provide you with an easy solution to start a fresh site using a custom appearance in under a few minutes. It just takes merely 4 simple steps for your web site to be on the Internet. It is easy to pick from over 200 customizable website templates and when it’s completely ready, you’ll be able to deal with your brand–new website with ease. We’ll send to you signin details for the admin area and you will be able to start putting in completely new pages straight away. In case, at any time, you need guidance – the technical team members can be found around the clock, in a position to work with you.

The Website Installer is offered each shared website hosting, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers package coming using the TrafficHostCity Control Panel.

A Website Installer For All

Publish a completely new website without having specialized abilities

The webpage installation tool connects the gap among technically inexperienced end users and complicated site production and design and style. Utilizing the tool, you’ll not need to have any expertise in CSS or HTML. You will simply need to choose how your website will look like and click on the installation button of the tool. That is it. From then on, you’ll be able to include brand new web pages and submit your very own photographs with only a mouse click. No program code to generate, no style and design to work on. It’s all is addressed from the easy–to–use tool in the background and is also done quickly.

In the event that, for whatever reason, you are not very pleased with what you have done, you can easily reverse the adjustments and start over.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

Hundreds of Site Templates Available For You

Launch your brand new site with a click of the mouse

To aid you to bring a brand new site on the web as quickly as possible, we’ve designed a collection of web templates from which to select. Based on the purpose of your web site, you can find an awesome theme for your blog or image gallery or the most suitable style for your personal portfolio. All design templates are available for 100% free download within your Control Panel. We’re working to construct different design themes depending on the most up–to–date design trends in an effort to provide you with a better choice for your own sites.

200+ Free Templates

24x7x365 Technical Support

The website hosting support members are on shift 24/7

Our tech support team includes professionals that have worked well several years in the website hosting marketplace. They’re taught to take care of various complications and can be found 24 hours, happy to assist you. On top of that, we have Commonly Asked Questions and plenty of how–to videos.

Plus, you will find a one–hour response time frame warranty, meaning you will definitely get an answer to your issue right away. The standard reaction time is within 20 min’s.

24/7 Support